Me? Well – glimpse into my being be like:


i am an insanely positive person; i love to keep myself occupied and i love dressing up. i am very talkative and i believe talking is very very therapeutic. A true-blue Virgoan. I relate very well with Monica’s obsession (with cleanliness) and Phoebe’s optimism. Yes two very different but i believe i am Phoebesque Monica.

i love books; reading and penning down are two of my several hobbies.

And here you get a sneak peeks into my life through my writings- both fiction and non fiction are based on or inspired from my own or people i love or people i have met recently.

Being a writer, doctor and a social butterfly, i meet a lot of people. And i believe in, “everything you do or say may be used in my story!”

last but not the least, i believe in magic…..but, for magic to work, one needs work as well 🙂



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