There are too many memorable days of our lives. But this blog is only 10 days old and the posts under DOOL might not be in chronological order.

Today, 30th Nov 2015 was a memorable one and since it goes up first before all else, it gets titled DOOL:1.

The most amazing thing about us was the amalgamation of various characters, some of them meeting each other for the first time in life and hitting off as if we have known each other for days. It all started off with Debsie-titly and i wanting to visit Princep Ghat. Our gang is girl-dominated and we wanted to include a few more friends for safety and size πŸ˜›

So thereby started, a thread on facebook which included my entire gang and some friends whom we liked a lot. We being us, never required the need to know a person to chat up.

Rather we chat up, and in the process we know our fellow mates. Soon our bhatology started off with great guns. We have had formed a hypothetical band and had had allotted roles for each. All was fine when the winds of exams and Pujo and exams yet again, came over. The atmosphere of uncertainty had set in.
Soon bad news started pouring; some backing out citing genuine causes, some citing petty ones. That did keep us reeling over, “adaou ki hobe?”
Then out of nowhere, the determination struck the few remaining of us,”naah jetei hobe. shombar-e hobe”.

Jemon kotha, temni kaaj.

on 30th nov, 2015 we all met up at Esplanade Metro Station; how we all met and where is a tale, worthy of its own.

First meeting and yet nothing was awkward and nothing was weird. Coming to think now, i didn’t feel nothing at all.
The short bus ride and the long walk, the music session on the grassy field with several matinee shows, a couple of street urchins, a red pouty selfie king and a sleeping middle-aged male by us, we did have a happy time. Did i mention, preeto like a good obedient guy had brought along his guitar. He and deba would strum the guitar and sing and would urge us on. Deba and sammy the photographers made sure all moments worthy of being captured, got captured; albeit with bad lighting. Preeto made sure everybody participated, and he in fact was our guide today.

These happy times were cut shot as titly had to leave early. We hurried through a photo-shoot, promising ourselves, “abaar aashbo fire”.

This was followed by a happy meal session at Anarkali which comprised butter naan, chicken reshmi butter masala. chicken tikka masala and a cross of fried-rice and biryani.

Phewww….so much in so little. Nopes, this wasn’t the end.

Our day out was concluded by me buying gift for a friend and all of us promising that “MB-r por aabar hobe.”

Honestly, i have always loved my bestie-gang. Thankfully i met 2 more incredible guys.

P.S. next time i want Pal with us.


till then,

Hope to see us altogether in 2 months πŸ˜€


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