Of FEELINGS: terrific and terrifying

Gal-pal Sandy is about to take a leap of faith and plunge into the sanctity of matrimony, err, not exactly matrimony, yet not too different from it either. She is getting engaged and hence forth will be considered “taken”.

Another 6 days left and she is full of jitters. She and i go back a long way, and despite never being besties, we have never lost touch. Seen each other’s journey through rough emotional terrain and happy free fall. Every once in a while, a pep talk – a simple hi – a casual chat – a long khilli wala chat – a like – a comment – etc. kept us going.

Life was running smooth unless a few months back, “sananda engaged to gaurav” popped up on my newsfeed jerking me back to reality and making me give her a call asap.

Yeah, when a friend from teenage years is about to get married, it acts as a potent reality check. Yeah, it made and still makes me feel that another 3 years or so, i would too be walking down the aisle.

What is remarkable about this woman is that she is independent and a go-getter; every time life threw lemons at her, she made lemonades out of it. Life hasn’t been easy yet she never once complained of the hurt, instead burrowing on she has been achieving what her heart has been desiring long. On her way, she met a good-looking gentleman with a little help from the friend who opened her account.

Several chats and a meet-up were enough for the Cupid to strike his arrows. As per our cultural needs, girl’s family fell in love with the boy, boy’s family fell in love with the girl, girl’s family fell in love with boy’s family and boy’s family fell in love with girl’s family. Thus all hurdles were crossed and the love-birds are getting engaged.

Now, this blog post has been titled so because as the day is nearing i see sananda being excited and at the same time developing cold feet. She is oscillating between the two extreme feelings. She is terrified of the new beginning and at the same time she is on cloud 9.

Such emotions are not understandable unless one goes through them oneself. Thankfully, i’ll have you to turn to when my time comes.

P.S. Love you a lot and best wishes for the future.

#kaala_tika to ward off any kind of buri nazar.

Stay Happy, Stay Smiling.


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