Days of Our Lives: 2


“Hum toh ladki hain, aurat toh aap hain”, the girl with the blue-eyeliner retorted. Our gang was standing behind this girl who was dragged into a row by the alleged aurat. We stifled a laughter.
It was a day of myriad experiences.
First, we had no idea if our EcoPark trip would materialize at all and when it did, it was no less than amazing.

But the start of the was less amusing. Scheduled to meet at 10:30 a.m. we reached at 11:30 a.m. to be greeted by a hungry-angry Sammy. Yeah he had had skipped breakfast to be on time and we were late by an hour.
Later Sammy complained, “today Debbie must have sworn that no matter what she is gonna make me wait..!!!” Yeah, debsie-deba-preeto foresook sammy-n-me for our cycle ride and went off for some selfie-sessions, debsie taking along my purse-seater-phone and the much-needed coupon. Sammy phone battery died and i searched them up in vain. We waited under the scorching heat for our snail-paced trio when Sammy spotted a Barbie (read a very beautiful and very thin girl dressed to kill) who walked super fast in sky-high heels and mocked Debsie’s pace which was rather slow even in her keto-shoes.

Before you get confused, Debbie and Debsie is the same person. Most call her by the former while she is the latter to me 🙂

THE WAIT, Sammy’s longer wait, me feeling lost without friends and phone albeit for a while, the walks through the stretch of the park, the mindless chats, the mindful chats, the endless photo-sessions, the food, the several gardens (bamboo-mist-heliconia-formal-etc.) with Heliconia being extra sexy, folks in formal in formal garden, human hamsters zorbing on land and water, cycle-for-two, the cactii, the haunted seat, the boating places: large water bodies with 2 boats while smaller ones had more, the crowded never-ending queue standing at the boating zone waiting for their turn, talking about community medicine, preeto eating biryani with a non-biryanish face,  the cycle-ride, the fashion-policing, the observing, the laughing, the coffee, the chips, the run at the end, the bus rides, the planning for our next were all too good.

Wish could add the boat-ride in the list as well.

1. one out of every four is a late latiff.
2. every relationship needs nurturing, give it time and interact a lot; that is the secret to forming new friends and bonding.
3. when you are out with a photographer, be prepared to look out for him for you may lose him every now and then. They get lost in their own world capturing water-stones-ants-soil-crow-flowers-crowd-and the kind. Sometimes they may click pretty pictures themselves. We had TWO of that kind.
4. red lips have become an epidemic.
5. sometimes it is better to ditch red lipsticks and go pink.
6. never skip breakfast.
7. be punctual, be on time.
8. do not push someone’s buttons for too long.
9. BE ON TIME. (yeah this needed to be mentioned again)

OBSERVE: observation is the key to successful bonding. As we frolicked around, we came across several swaggy humans of Kolkata (refer to the facebook page with the same name). Observing them sparked amusements and communication that ranged from lmao to lame. Not only that, we also learnt what not to do while posing in public 😉

We had had created Bandemonium for our Princep Ghat outing and after that got over, we stayed in each others’ life and list (read fb friend list). As a result we have had more opportunities to interact and when we met up again, it was just more fun. Not everyday we meet folks with similar mentality.

Yes, this isn’t as detailed as the former DOOL but this was much more lively and memorable. Amazing seems to be an understatement when it comes to describing DOOL-2. But then some things are best left unsaid.

See you all soon and next time, please don’t be late 😉


5 thoughts on “Days of Our Lives: 2

  1. every time i read ur stuffs gives me a feel…even this can be considered as an event??? this time ur r finallllllly…madam is penning down about a real event(at least remotely close to an event)…no matter how gibberish is the subject u pick… u magic touch makes each and every line worth reading… n i even end up reading all ur lines over n over again!!! a beautifully crafted piece honey!!! keep up the gud work.. much love


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