This is not how the official invite reads but this reflects the attitude and the mood of the workers behind the party.

You read it right, party indeed.

To the uninitiated, KPCMCH is one of youngest Medical colleges of my city. And, celebrating her birthday with aplomb and show is even more recent.
Yeah, last March when my mother Institution turned 7 years old, we had had a huge celebration.

Sigh…! an evening it was – memorable for the audience and the performers alike. In a good way, of course.
Besides how would it be otherwise? Wouldn’t you love to see your favourite actors enthral you like with perfected mannerisms and signature moves?
Titled 100 YEARS OF BOLLYWOOD the stars of yesteryears and recent times of Hindi film industry had come alive on the stage of KPCMCH.
We, the performers found glory in identity crisis and loved every moment of it.

That was last year. It was our debut performance, nothing was expected of us and we were a mere excited bunch.

But this year, with the last year’s memories still fresh , a lot is expected of us. On the other hand, we are an ambitious enthusiastic lot with heads on our shoulders and feet firmly grounded.

AS YOU LIKE IT, as you know it is a Shakespearean classic set in France. The comedy is Shakespearean, the characters are Shakespearean, the language is Shakespearean and about everything else is Shakespearean.

So what happens when we put a Shakespearean comedy in a cauldron only to be seasoned and made more palatable by the humour-wit-vocabulary-rhyming of Payel ma’m, Ranjini miss, Ankita di and Arkadeep along with liberal doses of Bollywood music?
A yummylicious dish waiting to be perfected and savoured in the evening of March 9, 2016.

So what did i do, you ask? Well, i did a lot of juggling.

For starters, when Rituparna di and Sambhasha di choreographed, i stared at them in awe only to be matching steps later on.
When the above mentioned quartet brainstormed over the broth, i quipped in with my moments of inspiration.

And, when i did neither, i attended my classes (final year it is and classes are super important right from the first week itself).

Also i made my pal from Medical College, Kolkata who goes by the name Pranabananda Pal make the featured image for this blog post. Thank you dude.

Here we are, working rather hard to surpass your expectations and it is your job to not disappoint us by your absence.

See you soon, KPCMCH turns 8….! You are gonna love it and wait for our Institution’s next birthday. That much, we dare to promise.


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