Good Day or Bad Day….the choice is yours


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He was a friend, until i discovered it.

What you may ask? Even if you were not bothered to ask, i’d rather tell you how i have had been wronged. Yep, sometimes i can be pretty much of an attention-seeker, unabashedly.

If you scroll through my earlier posts, you would come across one titled THE BRIDGE (i know, here too i am promoting me….i had already warned you about this compulsive attention seeking disorder). So where was i?
Yes, THE BRIDGE. It was written on 12th Jan, 2016, a day after my  3rd year University exams got over. The inspiration was a photograph of a bridge. My Professor Dr. Ranjini Datta had clicked it during her family vacation at Kashmir.

It was my third attempt at penning fiction and my first ever “fictitious tale” which i dared post on my blog. I was pleased with the attention it garnered among the known and unknown.
So if i felt, one i knew loved reading had not read it, i’d voluntarily send him/her the link to my THE BRIDGE

Similarly, i had sent it to him as well. He, who had always been my friend for almost 4 years now. He was the one who had had sparked my interest in blogging. I was always in awe of his style of story-telling.
I remember having a row with him on skype over the issue that he had not read it. So he read it in a jiffy and was all praises. Honestly, i love compliments 😀
I was pleased.

On 22nd Feb, after a rather tiring day at college i returned home and out-of-nowhere felt like visiting his blog.

i was in for a rude surprise…..he who had had been always held in high esteem had actually copied my THE BRIDGE and posted it on his blog, with hardly any change.

I was so upset that i told it all to all my close friends, and soon all sorts of suggestions and consolations started pouring in.
They did little to comfort me.
The morose feeling just wouldn’t go when Swarnali pinged me saying, “see you are so famous that folks are coping you.” The attention-craving girl sat up, wide-awake. She pondered over what her friend said and smiled her goofy smile, to herself 😛

Soon my Debsie and Piu, too told me the same thing independently and in private chat boxes.
Piu: good stuff get copied, dew.
Debsie: your stuff is so good that they get jhapofied.
(jhapa is the Bengali slang for copy/cheat and jhapofied is Benglish, the smattering of Bengali and English, a language in which sometimes, we speak)
Well i specially mentioned the private chat-boxes because that meant they did not know of each other’s opinion before saying it aloud.
Yeah, when folks separately say the same good stuff, the value just increases 😉

Soon i forgot about the pseudo-tragedy and was concentrating on what was to come on 23rd Feb, 2016.

My buddies turned my bad day to a good day, with a li’l help from me. YES, what if i had stubbornly stuck to feeling bad? Would they, then have been able to make my day good? I think not. So, THEY + me  turned a sad situation to feel-good one 😀
Yeah, i have amazing girl friends.

I woke up feeling excited about what lay ahead when i checked into my fb-inbox, only to be greeted by Tanumoy’s text

“Well mimicry is best form of flattery you know…

Maybe all his blog are like this… Lol

Who knows….

Don’t worry about it”

quote unquote.

And, that was an awesome start to awesome day.

P.S. what happened on that particular day, you ask? Well, another story that is….!


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