Happy Birthday Miss…!

yes miss.jpg

There goes, one of our silly banters. But we are not the conventional BFFs.
She is the Head of the Department, Clinical Dietetics, KPC Medical College & Hospital, Jadavpur whereas I am, currently a final year M.B.B.S. student at the same college.

Despite the obvious differences, we met. Destiny had played part in introducing her to me. 7th Foundation Day, the pretext was. I was one of the several participants and she was supervising the entire program.
Many-a-time I’ve sat, trying to figure out, when and how did she make herself so much as home, in my heart?
A year completed, full of conversations both mindful and mindless, gifts, birthday celebrations, sharing and caring.
Even before I realized, here is 8th Foundation Day, knocking at the door. We are busy with the preparations  😀

But before that, we get to celebrate your 2nd birthday…..yes, 2nd after we met…!
I’d like this opportunity to thank you miss. You inspire me in ways more than one. You inspire me to think harder and get my creative juices flowing.


Once upon a time, I use to suspect that I suffered from Imagination Deficit Disorder but then THE BRIDGE was born.
I had never thought that I could write even 2 lines of poetry but then you proved me wrong yet again. Never have I ever been happier on being proved wrong. Working on AS YOU LIKE IT led to discovering my other traits. Thank you miss.
Thank you for being there when I needed to talk to someone.
Thank you for showering me with all the gifts you have.
Thank you for believing in me and making me voice-train others, when I too was a rookie just like they were.
Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Tanmay Dutta. I still remember the introduction. It was March 1, 2015; you told sir, “eita Bidisa, jano shokkale eshe amay ekta shundor earring and chocolates dieche”.
Thank you for re-kindling me love for performing. Who but you would make me play the seductive and glamouous dancer Umrao Jaan to the conservative to simple belle Audrey.


Thank you for being you.
Someone, who is the boss of her department. The kind of boss who is adored by all her sub-ordinates yet is never taken lightly. Someone who, despite her thriving career in science, nurtures her love for arts with panache. Someone who works efficiently at the office front and goes back to teach her little son. Someone who does not shy away from appreciating her hubby in public and posts lovey-dovey pictures with cheesy captions.

Thank you miss, for being my guide.
Thank you miss, for being my friend.
I love you, a lot. Hugs and kisses.

So here is my 1st attempt at writing a poem and yes, the topic is you. Here it is:


I could go on and on, but I feel certain emotions are best left unsaid.

See tomorrow miss :*


P.S. the photo credits goes to Pranabananda Pal, a close pal and another fellow doc-in-making from Medical College, Kolkata.


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