When Life Gives you Lemons, Order Tequila

10314019_1261035757245018_4447318974583200374_n.jpgHonest Confession: i’m an insanely positive person. But there are times, when i too get a li’l affected by the weather.

Such a thing had had happened today. It was a bright sunny day and with FOUNDATION DAY programme being just one week away, practise and preparations have started with a feverish frenzy.

With nothing being under the control yet and with the pressure of having to meet the high expectations of the would-be-audience, we were totally caught up in our own world, which lay beyond the borders of Physiology Department, 1st Floor, Block-5, KPCMCH.

A long day had merged into a tiring evening when my phone rang, simply out of the blue, informing i had passed my 3rd year. My heart skipped with anticipation. I had been waiting for the results, knowing i’d pass and with the expectation of seeing an H.

It is human to expect love in return, when you love someone as intensely as i do. So who was this traitor, you ask?
Well, my beloved Commed, i reply.

Honestly, i had expected a little more of what i got and God knows how much i wanted it. So when i didn’t get what i wanted, i did become morose until Ranjini miss spoke up.

She is my tequila shot. With i being lesser bubbly than i usually am, she made me do lifts and falls. Yes, you read it right.

Another honest confession, i love being on-stage but am no “wow” kind of dancer. Besides, i am more of the 1-2-3-4 foot steps and hand movements kind of girl until this evening. Suddenly this lady concerned gets up demanding her AUDREY and TOUCHSTONE to be given lifts and falls, for a romantic dance number.

My first it was, and i had to put in a lot of effort and practice to elicit a “good” from her. The patient practised falls have left me with aching lower limbs but have uplifted my spirits beyond measure.

From, i went from “why me?” to “yeah me too” in the span of an hour. Honestly, never thought i too would be doing those dreamy movements which can make one swoon and croon.

At the end of the day,  i was not sad about not getting an H.

Instead i was happy to be matching steps with some of my favourite dancers, who are no less than magic on-stage.


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