done and dusted : AS YOU LIKE IT

KPCMCH turned 8 years old 🙂

The making was anything but smooth. Pepped up by last year’s success, we had started off great vigor.
First day:

Amidst hype and high expectations, we all had had suffered several heart attacks; the intensity of each being pretty subjective.

To be honest, never have i ever felt “o.k. that was a good day” through out the entire span of choreography and practices. But perhaps, that was what kept us going.

Late participation, change of casts, change of casts yet again, multiple props, wrong delivery of clothes, excess order of clothes, videography, sound editing, new-comers, late comers and more.Wait, these were only some of the obstacles that had cropped up. Not just once.

But i’ve nothing to complain of. Last year, we all dressed as celebs. But the feeling of going over to a studio and record for the play was so new, so good. It made me feel like one.

To be specially mentioned is that, it was broadcasted LIVE on a Bangla channel.

If that doesn’t make you feel like one, what else will? 😀

Last but not the least, thank you Ranjini miss, thank you Payel miss. Thank you for having me behind the scenes as well. It was more educational than anything else. Had it not been for you two, the end result would not have been so good.

Bonus: there was i, looking for Debsie after the play was over when Dr. K. P. Chowdhury and i crossed path, he shook hands with me saying “bhalo hoeche khub” 😀


Payel miss, this time i am reminded of “order from chaos”, are you not?


As i writing this, i came across this picture on the facebook page of RD and for an evening, we did become somebody else.

Love or hate, friends and foes
AS YOU LIKE IT, here it goes…..!!!!


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