I’ve got TWO girls…!

we.jpgBatch of 2012-2013, KPCMCH
P.S. Out of 150 students, only these many of us got crazy with colours.


“I’ve got two girls”, announced a proud Sammy as he posed for the shutterbugs, flanked by me and Bingo.
“And neither belongs to you”, retorted i, eliciting a peal of laughter from all around and an embarrassed grin from Sammy.
Every time Sammy feels embarrassed, he tries to play cool and crack similar jokes. This time too, he did the usual. Every time a trio posed, he would say so-and-so has 2 girls/boys yet neither belongs to so-and-so. Nobody really laughed. At last as a matter of saving grace, he claimed loud and proud as he posed with Debsie, “this time i am with one girl and she BELONGS to me” and that did get appreciated. Sammy satisfied.

We are a bunch of folks who almost never need occasions to get ourselves clicked. But this time it was different. All the time, we try various head tilts, hair-do, lights and what-not to get a good click. But this day, the motto was to look bad … bad in a good way.

I am not talking riddles. It was HOLI…..final year students and holi celebrations, had to be superb, not that we would let it be any less.

We all had had planned on bunking a certain lecture and rushing out to play, when the Professor entered the hall even before we could leave. Trapped…!

No sooner had he left the hall after the class when we, the final year medical students started behaving like kindergarten kids.

Class-stairs-corridor and the streets were painted in rainbow hues. Anyone who braved to cross our paths were not left alone either. Bura na Mano Holi Hain…!

As we were busy smearing aabir on one-another, a voice squealed, “didi aami Sabana” and coloured me more. I smiled. She had kept her promise. She is kiddo i befriended a couple of days back, on facebook. We got talking and she had said, “aami tomar saathe khelbo” and i had said, “tui chole ashish”. Honestly, with those faces of theirs, i could not recognize one from another. I suppose she has super powers, for even Debsie had to check, if that was really me. Also today i met her roomie, the one she tags in almost all her posts, Saheli. Such events are excellent opportunities for bonding.
67047_821380148006905_4330121698005104141_n.jpgI’ve got two girls and both are my juniors.

As we were posing for the selfie beneath a scorching sun, Debsie comes up and after checking out my clothes and confirming that it was indeed i, she checked out my collar bones only to find a sliver of skin still flashing its own colour, a wee-bit proudly. Debsie hated it, and smirked, “why is this portion still clean?” and even before i could reply, she proceeded to colour me more.

As the fun and frolic was on, some very daring and naughty folks added water to our happiness. Yes, WATER. Being clown and dry was fine. But being a wet mouse was not. Besides, water colour stains are difficult to take off.

So the rong-jol made our sport a game of cat-and-rat. The cats filled buckets and bottles with coloured water and splashed unsuspecting rats with that.

A lot of “hey”, “oi”,”hahah”, “ei jaah”,”jata” and “chobi chobi” floated in the air, making the otherwise sober atmosphere a colourful cacophonic one .

There was a guy who brought out his tiny gun (no pun intended) and sprayed folks with it (no pun intended again). That was when, my batch mate Bhartiya treated him a heavier dose of his own medicine…..a game of cats-rats (read: bucket, colour water, dislodgement).

There was ajunior, Shreya, who ran to Ankan demanding some coloured water. She too wanted to be a cat. But the sly Ankan played a cat and drenched her completely.

This day went off pretty well, with all the batches forgetting the senior-junior divisions and played alike.

Enjoy these snaps, our Holi special ones:-




Our juniors:
P.S. all the batches are 150 strong. But some people prefer staying at home and playing safe, while others go gaga over colours this day.

Here’s an example of those kinds:
One of my favourite kids, Sreyashi actually stayed inside the building so that she was not stained. Remember Debsie, back in 1st year i used to be the same? I still have rashes everytime i play holi, yet for a few years i’ve decided to keep a aside my Monica-ish ways for once a year.
Several times i’ve reflected on this matter, and i am sorry for shouting at you back in 1sy year because you had touched me with your coloured hands. I am sorry for that.

This day would not be complete unless i mentioned our Suchishmita, our class beauty queen. She dresses pretty every single day, without any exception. Today despite knowing what it would be like, she dressed all pretty but she ended like up like us. Here’s the proof, perhaps a better-dressed version of us πŸ˜›


But photo sessions would be incomplete without a groupfie with my group (well, majority of my bestie gang….Titly and Aalia were not present today, 22nd March, 2016). Here it is
Debsie-Sammy-Bidsie-Bingo-Ashish πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So much of madness ended with a heavy lunch of rice-chicken curry with mishti doi for dessert in our Nutrition Department. We love our Ranjini miss and Payel miss very much. Thank you ma’m. It was a treat for performing well on Foundation Day. Yayy πŸ˜€

I left post-lunch, via the back door through the hospital….the front of the college was where the madness was on. A few snaps from those times:


Everything comes at a cost. This playful day was no different. By the time i reached home, i had developed rashes. Red angry marks and itching rashes. I bathed longer than usual. But the stains of water colour stay stayed, making me look as if i have red scales on the left half of my face. Red scales, what is that you ask? Think Greyscales, think Shireen from the House of Baratheon, think Game of Thrones. And, you will understand.

But the Phoebe (think F.R.I.E.N.D.S) in me will always find a way see the bright side of things, even if she needs to polish and brighten it before seeing the things. So this time, this is what she said,
remember several weeks back you saw an article on chalking hair? Yes an article where young fashionishtas used soft chalk on their hair to colour it temporarily. My hair looked exactly like those girls’ hair. That too without any financial aid from me. My hair did look funky. Hi-5 Phoebe.

But the Monica (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) played spoilsport and commented, “your hair looks funkey but your face a monkey….who else has a red face”.
Phoebe replied in her cool manner, “of course am a monkey, my Chinese zodiac says so.”


Before you say, bye-bye, do see this:-
Last year, Holi celebrations were thus. It was 5th March, that was a few days before our Foundation Day and we played Holi after practice, in the Nutrition Department, KPC Medical College & Hospital.

P.S. more stories coming up soon. But if you want more right now, do read my other blog posts.


6 thoughts on “I’ve got TWO girls…!

  1. It was pretty well described. You guys are fun loving buddy who study hard, fun hard and party hard.

    All the best for all your future goals. I can see the great future doctors among such a colour faces.

    Luv all,


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