Silent Superhero

About 4 years back, an advertisement would get aired on television which showed men in good light. It showed how men cared for their women and family, but in a silent way. They went about doing the deeds, yet never basking the glory of their deeds. I don’t remember what it was about but the commercial stayed in my memory. I never thought of it until something happened, making me remember it all of a sudden.

A few days back, i told you how we played holi at KPCMCH.
Read this, if have not:

So during all the masti, something had had occurred which was not exactly fun. So here is the complete history of it:-
Chief Complaint: an altercation between me and a male batch mate of mine.
History of Present IllnessThe 1st year kids had an anatomy item that day. So they were not playing colours with us. But someone had smeared a girl with some colours and her apron was a mess. Now our anatomy department is a very strict one and indiscipline of any sort is not tolerated. So this girl went off to get another fresh apron from her hostel. As she was returning, the guy above mentioned tried to smear her again despite her repeated pleas for not to. But he, stood at the gate waiting for his prey. That time i had intervened and talked in a Monica (think F.R.I.E.N.D.S) fashion, “you are NOT doing THAT. She is a kid and she has her exam. So LET HER GO” and he relented mumbling, “it is Holi and seniors do smear juniors with colours, don’t go around being a mommy”.
History of Past Illness: This guy and i had never been friends. We have never been frenemies or foes either. To me, he is a batch mate and to him, i am no more. We never had any conversation except good morning and hi.
Others: Nothing Significant.

This was nothing but one of the minor incidents that i had not put up on my previous blog post. It was a happy festival, why talk of jhagras? I pretty much forgot about it and went about my day larking because my blog stats showed a sudden surge in followers until Sammy (a group member, who had been mentioned in several of my previous posts) in his typical jocular tone wrote on my facebook wall, how nobody can get past me when i get into a certain mode. I smiled and commented that, we were certainly having fun but if made the young girl upset, it would not have been a nice thing.
(Honest Confession: i’ve a younger sister and 5 younger 1st cousins; and i am very very protective of them. Every time i deal with one younger than i am, i end up thinking how would my sister feel if the same was done to her. I am not being a “high-end moralist” but i read in an Enid Blytton that all good deeds find their way back to you and so do all bad deeds. Also another story too talked about it. Yes, this may sound weird but my views of various subjects and my attitude has been shaped by love for books and reading.)

Hence i behaved the way i did. But unfortunately, Sammy’s comment triggered an adverse reaction with the Guy firing out at me, right on my wall and writing me off as a “high end moralist who needed help herself” and a “woman who was anything but strong”. I saw that comment and did not bother replying or deleting.

I logged out and logged in again, at night only to find the comment being deleted. Instead Sammy’s pacifying comment rested in its place. I texted Sammy asking if he had made the Guy delete it. He was surprised and asked how did i know it? I told him how i did.

To that he replied, “i commented in a funny way. i am sorry i did not know he would charge at you in that way. It must have been triggered by my comment. Am sorry. I’d never let anyone write or say such things about you, and certainly not on your wall.”

We did not talk of it any further, but his attitude reminded me of the commercial i mentioned above. Yes he does not wear undergarments above his trousers or fly around (well he walks VERY fast, am not exaggerating), but was he not a super hero in his own way? He did try to protect me from getting hurt but then i found out what he did. That does not reduce any of his good deed (actually am at a loss of words hence “good deed”).

Sammy who tried to play the Silent Superhero but failed at being Silent. He my friend, is a hero, nonetheless.

So, the SITUATION was SAVED by none other than our SAMMY 😀
(please read as the man would say it at the end of an episode of Power Puff Girls)

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