Selfie-Fever Spares None

A few days back in a blog-post, i told you how we celebrated the festival of colours at KPCMCH, our college.
In case you have not read it, here it is:

After a very playful Holi, we went to our Nutrition Department where a scrumptious lunch awaited us 😀
Debsie-sammy-aniruddha-suchishmita-anchal-i and some others had lunch while a superb photo session was going on in our college premises.
(even we were asked to wear traditional clothes and participate in the photo session, but we did not owing to certain circumstances.)

Once our lunch was over, we waited patient for Ranjini mam, HOD, Clinical Dietetics and the others to return.
To know who she is to me, you may click on:

What we did not know was that, a sound scolding awaited me Sammy-Debsie-Me.

As soon as Ranjini ma’m came back, the 3 of us sang in chorus, “Happy Holi” and she replied sternly, “you 3 ought to hold your ears and say sorry. Why did you 3 smear colour on Anuvab? You knew….”
And, she was cut short by Aniruddha’s, “ma’m selfie?”
Even before we could blink an eyelid, her expression changed from mock-anger to 32-all-out and some awesome selfies were clicked.

That was how Aniruddha’s infectious selfie fever which did not spare miss, saved the day.

I wonder, how did one diffuse one’s teacher’s anger before the selfie cameras came along?


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