Thank You, Seniors

“Tumi ki intern?”, asked Rajarshi innocently.
“Naah, final year”, said i.
“Tahole bolle je clinics kore ashi…!”, exclaimed the first year kid.

Presently in my final year, i find myself reflecting upon the past and the persons who have been a part of my journey so far. My batch mates and friends play a vital role but there are some individuals who need to be specially mentioned, for they have held my hand and directed me adequately when i was clueless and very much in need of directions.


Rajarshi and i met during the 8th Foundation Day practice and struck a cordial relationship. I could not help but miss Dr. Debolina Deb (or simply Deb-oh) who i had had met under similar circumstances. I was a fresher then and she a senior, and it was during Fest 2012 practice.
From the very first moment, she had been extremely helpful and friendly. I remember clearly that within 15 mins of introduction, she had offered to drop me home in her car. Yes, that helpful she is. She even promised to pick me up from home, on the day of the programme since it was pouring cats and dogs. She did keep her words though she was 95 mins late.
Later when my friends charged me for being late and not being in the last minute rehearsals, i had said, “i came with Deb-oh-D” and they had clammed up without another word. Such was the power of that very cute senior.

Thanks to Deb-oh, i had met Dr. Ruchira Bhattacharya. A very beautiful and not much talkative but not less helpful, this lady would always greet me with a smile and have a kind word.

Next i met, Dr. Akashleena Mallick, or Leena as i loving call her. I had first seen her when we both were school students. She was then, a senior from PMS while i, a junior from QMS. At that time, we did have brief interactions but nothing that would leave a mark. Later in my first year, i had met her and she ended up being one of my favourites. Ever the feisty girl, i remember her rushing to scold me friends when we had entered the hall during her convocation (she did not know them or even their faces), and then her eyes rested on me and she flashed that very charming smile. I love you.

Thank you so much for teaching that one can be a senior and a friend….not just a friendly senior. Thank you for making me realize that it is i who gets to decide how i shall be remembered by my juniors. Thank you so much for all the advices and help, every time when i ask for it. Thank you for all the little smiles with which you acknowledged me every time we met at the canteen/library/hospital/etc.
Thank you for teaching that studying medicine need not be the end of the all fun. Certainly, our moments of fun will lesser than that of the others. But there will be times, when we are supposed to let our hair down and not care about items and parts and ward clearances. Then we are to go back home and start studying just as we are supposed to.
Thank you for teaching for dressing well makes one feel better and that feeling is what makes one sail despite the difficult times.


So now when i am one of the most senior students, i keep having deja vu moments. The only difference is that i am asked stuff and in the past, i used to ask stuff.

Another individual who i had NEVER met in person yet has become very precious to me in the last less than 5 months is Dr. Preeyam Biswas. I owe this friendship to our Alma Mater, KPCMCH and Mark Zuckerberg. Talking nineteen-to-the-dozen and is never out of anecdotes to share, she had had worked at our hospital after graduating. But as luck would have it, we are yet to meet. Looking forward to that day.

It is just that, the younger students end up making me miss you all so much. I mean life was good then, and life is no doubt good now. But at times, i just yearn to see all the old faces who had had been there when i had just joined.

To the four ladies, who had made my life a little less confusing and a lot easier, i love you and i shall continue to seek your help every time i am faced with a trouble and every time i need expert advice.

images (1).jpg
P.S. Perhaps you know it, perhaps you do not. But i would like you to know it, that you shall always have a younger sister and friend in me. Yes, that much i love you.
P.P.S. i am looking forward to working with you all.

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