15 minutes

At times, years would pass by and you may not anything.

At other times, only 15 minutes is enough for a memorable interaction.

One such happened a few days back.

Hot and sultry an afternoon it was and i did not want to reach my classes too early. So i decided to bed-crash in one of the hostel rooms.
Soumita, not a particularly close friend yet someone with whom i talk every now and then was the one I had visited. That this sober, sweet and sentimental Senorita is a delightful singer is known to the entire college.

What others do not know and what i discovered was that, she is a closet poetess too…!

Every time something sad happened, she would channelise that negative emotion into beautiful pieces of poetry. Clarity of thoughts coupled with good vocabulary and expression of the same captivated me (*honestly, am not much of a poetry person).

I found this on Google, and this piece sums up how she would actually feel initially and later would shrug off the feeling and move on.

Not only is this lass a poetess but also the writer of an unpublished novel….!

I visited her without expecting anything but left with the hope of reading the novel even before it sees the light of the day.

15 minutes was all it took to make an uneventful day into something rather memorable.

Image courtesy: Google


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