Tell Me, Something, Honestly

He went to class.
She went to class.
Smiles were exchanged.
Friend request sent.
Friend request accepted.
Became friends.
Became close friends.
Fell for each other.

BUT, none ever confessed to the other honestly about one’s feelings; because in the beginning, he had made her promise “never to fall for him”. So this went on, until the girl, older, bolder, totally in love and definitely the worse actor of the duo, questioned:-

Tell me, something, honestly –
Don’t you, love me, really?

From tolerating all my tantrums,
To giving hugs, perfectly at random!

Taking my hand and explaining things gently –
While actually wanting to shake me vigorously.

Smooth handling of all my freak alerts,
And sugar-coated truth, you do blurt.

From the big-bad world, you do caution –
With stern talks and firm reason.

Tell me, something, honestly,
Don’t you, love me, really?


P.S. i’ve always been in love with reading and writing. And, only this February i discovered that i could write snippets of poetry as well. Payel miss (HOD of Community Nutrition, KPC Medical College and Hospital) and Ranjini miss (HOD of Clinical Dietetics) had showed me that i could.
So far i’ve been writing on certain people close to my heart, for instance Ranjini miss, Payel ma’m, Piu, Pal, Debsie, Tanmay sir,Preeyam di (all of them have been mentioned in my previous blog posts, one or the other. Also, all those poems are posted on my facebook wall, never published them here though).
Only yesterday i got a text from a fellow-doc-in-making, Pranabananda Pal, from Medical College, Kolkata; or simply Pal. His text was short and stern, “try poetry”.

So, tried my hand at writing on this rather abstract subject.

P.P.S. Today is Payel ma’m birthday as well.
Happy Birthday miss :*

Last but not the least, Subho Nobo Borsho.
It stands for Happy New Year, in Bangla.
Today is Bengali New Year.

Photo Credits: Google


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