The EYES Saw it All

The tongue could not speak.
The hands would not move.
The EYES Saw it All.

I was charmed. I was dazed. I was, in a trance.

Reading and learning-by-heart, was what we did, in first year.

But to see it all live, in final year, is a magic. A magic, only a fortunate few are allowed to witness.

I was in the Operation Theatre, watching my unit boss perform one surgery after the other with a small interval between each.

I, being only a final-year student, was only a spectator; while my immediate seniors who are currently the interns, were his first and second assistants.


A few more months and i get entry through the hallowed portal and be declared a doctor, officially. Only then shall my hands be allowed to move; and assist the Professor. And, only then my tongue would be allowed to speak, and not be quietened by the team of nurses-anaesthetists-and-surgeons.

Until then, the EYES shall see it all.

Isn’t magic supposed to be just seen and felt? Words dilute the magical feeling. And as for not being allowed to assist is a bliss in disguise.

Wondering why?
Well, when you are an assistant, you are supposed to be in-an-all time “alert, conscious, co-operative and aptly oriented mode” . As a result, work becomes the priority and the magical feeling is not the same any more.

So until then, i shall let the eyes see it all and bask in the magic.

Photo courtesy: my friend and fellow final year medico, Prasit Biswas from NRS Medical College, Kolkata.


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