First Kiss

Does my lipstick taste bad?”, she asked, apprehension colouring her voice, as soon as he released her from his embrace and parted his lips from hers.

That his past experiences had left him with a distaste for lipsticks, she knew it. That she loved lipsticks was a fact well known to him.

She adored him. He made her feel beautiful.ย She adored her collection of lip colour. They made her look glamorous.
Despite her love for both, she knew wearing lipstick on her date with him might end up in catastrophe.
So accordingly, she had been planning her attire and accessories for their first date ever. It would also be her first date ever, sans lipstick.

Yet, as luck would have it, their first date happened 10 days before the set date. It was totally an unplanned one. It was a date that bloomed pretty much out of the thin air.

AND, their first kiss could not have been more spontaneous, more perfect.

She, who almost always had planned everything down to the minutest detail was left in a whirlwind of ecstasy and anxiety. “Oh My God..!!! He KISSEDย me, when i was not expecting it all…and, and, and i am wearing lipstick”, she thought, pretty much worked up.

BUT…..there was he, sitting coolly, tasting his own lips which were freshly stained with her pink lip colour. Then he turned to her and shook his headย in negative, eliciting a giggle from his girl.

Her carefree laughter, coupled with those tiny twinkly eyes and soft lips made her irresistibly cute; and he realised, lipstick or no lipstick, tasteless or otherwise was not an issue when she was with him. He leaned forward to drown her in an all-consuming moment of passionate kiss.

first kiss1



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