The Beginning

Her smile just stuck in his head. He couldn’t just forget it. It kept haunting him until he decided, to hunt her down.

He had seen her at the tuition. She was a regular, just like he was. But they never talked. Not that they despised each other, just that they weren’t familiar. And, sat in two different corners of the room.
And he knew, she had seen him. Talked, they not but the eyes, had contacted, more than once.

Life was uneventful, until one day she smiled. Not a “come-hither” smile. Not a creepy smile. Not even a knowing smile. It was smile that reached her eyes and made him smile back at her.

Nothing more happened. Yet, the smile gnawed at him, making him reach out for her. He knew nothing except how she looked and which college she attended.

“Enough”, he told himself, leaping out of the bed and switching on his laptop, “i hope she is on facebook”.

He knew a girl from her college and went to her profile and then from her friend list, the profile hopping had started. Countless profiles he visited, countless pictures he had checked out. All along, he hoped, her photos weren’t edited enough to make her entirely unrecognisable.

This went on for a while until he came across her picture and by the Grace of God, she did look alike in her photos and in person.

“Wouldn’t it be great to freak her out?”, he smiled mischievously  and sent a friend request.

But unbeknown to him, it was only the beginning and fate smiled.

Photo Courtesy: Google


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