Being Foolish

I admit, i do act foolish at times. But those are unintentional. More often than not, one trend or the other crops up on facebook and friends without knowing much start giving updates or share or like similar stuff, pretty indiscriminately.

I for one, avoid trying to do so. But at times, i am guilty of being what i try to avoid being.

One such thing had had happened yesterday and no sooner had i posted the same when Prasit called me a foolish in the comment section.

Not a very proud moment yet it took me back to a time when i had had done something similar and it was this very Prasit who told me i was being unreasonable.

His comment had actually brought me to my senses and i deleted the post concerned šŸ˜›

But what made me smile is the fact that though the person has not changed yet his choice of words have changed. That time we were in 3rd semester and were just getting to know each other.
This time we are in 9th semester and friends who talk without sugar-coating.

Dude, thank you for being there in my moments of glory and in moments of foolishness.

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