So Near, So Far

The railing path is almost over and the bug will soon reach the wall. But it isn’t exactly feeling happy. It has to climb down a long path before it reaches the floor and then scurries away into its home.

At present, i am feeling no less than the bug in featured image, “so near, so far”.

My M.B.B.S. days at KPC Medical College and Hospital are numbered. My life as an under graduate student is less than 3 months away from being over. Yet i’ve along way to go before i become a doctor. Life-altering exams and gruelling days are in store before the D-day comes.

Though this feeling has been catching me off-guard frequently these days yet this isn’t new.

The first time i had this feeling when my immediate seniors’ results were declared and my facebook newsfeed was flooded with apt statuses and congratulatory posts. Then i had thought, that was it, pretty much unsure of what would happen next.

I mean i knew, i wouldn’t see those folks at college any more but would certainly see them in the hospital at any given time. But to see the magic with my own eyes was something i clearly had not expected.

Magic? Yeah, Magic. No less.


It was less than a week since my favourite senior batch that started their internship.

Swarnali Mukherjee was posted in the Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) department then. She was the attending intern in the OPD and was alone. I went to meet her and had started chatting when a man had come in with his young daughter. No sooner had they come in when Swarnali’s behaviour changed from a casual friendly one to a charming professional one. Seeing a person switching personae with the blink of an eyelid was something i was not accustomed to. Moreover, throughout her interaction with the father-daughter duo, my childhood friend did not come across as a novice.

Next was when i attended the O.T. (operation theatre) with Sameeha Mandal, then posted in the Surgery department. She was the professor’s assistant that day. Watching her assist the boss at every step of the procedures made me long to do it as well.

Last but not the least was during a Caesarean section. Nirnoy Das was then posted at the Gynaecology and Obstetrics department. My friends and i had attended that procedure. Throughout the procedure, he assisted as he was expected to do. But the icing on the cake was watching him seal the incision with sutures. His first sutures as a doctor and we had witnessed it. It was made sweeter by the fact that the Professor had actually praised his handiwork.

A few more months to go before it is us, wielding the magic, awing the juniors.

For the time being all we can do is, studying and learning all the stuff we are expected to know.


There is little time before we are granted entry into the hallowed portal of medical profession but the journey wouldn’t be easier than it  had been for Swarnali, Sameeha or Nirnoy.

Photo Credits: Prasit Biswas, my friend, batch mate and fellow doctor-in-making from NRS Medical College, Kolkata.


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