The Wait

New Clothes. Check.

Hair Spa. Check.

New Accessories. Check.

Her excitement was palpable. She couldn’t contain herself. All she waited was for the evening, when he would show up and her wait would be over.

But alas…! He would be late. Not an hour or two.

But 24 hours late.

So she sulked and sulked and sulked some more, for she could do nothing else but wait some more.

Eid was her favourite festival and it came only once a year. So she was determined to make happy memories once again.
But it was the Moon, who decided to show up later than she knew he would; thereby prolonging her wait.


P.S. this piece have been written after a brief chat with Sabana Yeasmin, my junior at KPC Medical College & Hospital. She had complained, “i was completely ready for Eid when the announcement was made that Eid isn’t tomorrow but the day after.”

To all those who are reading this, Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

Image Courtesy: Google


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