Days of Our Lives: 3

“Have my lips swollen up?”, i asked as i waited for my blueberry cheesecake to arrive. I could taste the smooth fleshiness of my lower lip and i was alarmed.

Swollen lips = hypersensitivity reaction and i was indeed allergic to prawns. I didn’t eat prawns, did i?

Debrupa confirmed my suspicion that lips were more swollen than usual and Pritam asserted that i might have had prawns given that our food did have prawns in it.

I hurriedly took my phone out to check how bad did i look and thankfully, i did not look like Jennifer Lopez looked the night before her wedding after she ate nuts (remember Monster-in-Law?).

The previous two Days of Our Lives weren’t much about food. It was a smattering of several small things.

But this time, Samannay, Debrupa, Pritam and i had actually gone out to eat. Eat well, that is.

Over the last few months we have had grown closer and our connections have grown stronger. We talk sense and senseless, serious and silly with equal ease.

We had had chosen Ruby’s Grill at Gariahat to be out place this time. Word-of-the-mouth has it that it is a meat-lover’s den. Zomato too had had good reviews. Plus Debrupa and i liked going to new places and none of us had had been there.

So after a long day at college, Sammy-Debsie-i set out for Ruby’s Grill where we were to meet Pritam. Thanks to certain miscommunication, we met sometime after we had expected to.

But that didn’t matter. No sooner had we chanced upon each other, we started flooding each other with gossips 😀

We ate too. Lasagne, tetrazzine, burger, mix grill platter (non-veg), we had ordered. The food was lip-smacking delicious and only after finishing off, we realised we had not clicked the customary photos 😛


We ended on a sweet note with blueberry cheesecake. And this time, we clicked a photo (featured image) 😉

Once food-session was over, we got click-happy. Clicking pictures is important just as uploading them on facebook and instagram is.

We parted with the promise of catching up soon and making happy memories yet again.

Image Courtesy:
1. Pritam Kuila, friend and a fellow doc-in-making from Medical College Kolkata
2. Google


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