Filmy Moment

“No one from my college is present. No one from your college is present. So why bother?” he mimicked her mockingly.  She retorted with a playful punch on his arm and he laughed louder.

She sat by him, on the steel seats at the metro station, blushing, redder than ever.

“I always thought that it happened only in movies. But today it happened with me”, he chuckled, once he was done with laughing out loud. She looked at him, straight in the eyes. His eyes, as playful as ever, shined with glee.

“Seems like you enjoyed their gesture more than mine”, she said, trying to mask her shyness with indifference and failing terribly.

Everything around her, ceased to exist, every time she was with him. When she was with him, she showered him with her undivided absolute attention. But whenever he was with her, he was always extra aware of what was going around. Perhaps, to balance the deficiency.

That day she was meeting him for the last time before the commencement of her exams. They both knew, it would be only 3 weeks, before they met up again. Yet they both spent some more time together than usual, “making up” for the time they would miss.

They sat on the platform seats, holding hands and chatting away gaily, missing one train after the other. DELIBERATELY.

At one point, she reached for his cheek and planted a firm kiss.

As soon as let go off him, he started laughing. Laughing out loud, pretty much like a lunatic and scaring her off her wits. Not only that, he also took a bow from an imaginary audience. Then he gestured a “thumbs up” at the air. Her confused eyes followed the thumbs up only to realize what she had done.

She was still basking in the glory of her ignorance when a train had come and stopped at the station.  It was at that time when she had had kissed him.
She had kissed her man in public, in front of crowd. A crowd, which did not frown, at the public display of affection. Instead, they clapped and smiled and cheered and gave him thumbs up.

He being he, noticed it all and reacted instantly while her slow reflexes slowed her response. He who disliked excess attention for once felt like a stud under public glare while the otherwise brazen damsel felt coyer than she ever felt.


His right arm snaked around her shoulders; he pulled her towards him and replied, “Well, I enjoyed both”, kissing her on the forehead.

“May you have many more filmy moments”, she said with a smile.
“May you create many more filmy moments”, he replied, adding his warm heart-melting smile.

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