Happy Anniversary

It is that day of the year, again.

August 1, 2012: The day the drama started unfolding, Apprehensive, nervous and super excited about everything. “Next few years” is what we thought about and that is what our plans revolved around.

August 1, 2016: A few months before the final show. Nail-biting nervous about what lay ahead, 5 months down the line.

In the last 4 years, lessons have been learnt; both in class and outside it as well. Lessons that have had lessened one’s worth to the other. Lessons that have lightened one’s burden.

From being naïve and gullible to being a little less nice and gullible, the journey has been full of bitter-sweet memories.

Many of the folks one didn’t know of, in the initial days have become an inseparable part of one’s life. And in some rather fortunate cases, one’s closest buddy is the one they that first befriended, 4 years back.

From the feeling “yes, I know” to feeling, “Oh no, I know nothing”, this has had been a very memorable journey.

It is the fourth and the last anniversary of the first day of the preparatory phase of the supposed “rest of our lives”.

Have a happy day.

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