Bunny: Honey!!!!! Happy 4th Anniversary … !!!!

Honey: Yes? What Anniversary?

Bunny: Girl, today is 1st August…!!!

Honey: So?

Bunny: 4 years back, today we started our journey as M.B.B.S. students. And today we’ve completed 4 years šŸ˜€

Honey: oh….happy day to you as well.

Bunny: BUT…you & i met on 9th Aug, 2012. It was Janmashthami and we had our first anatomy class at Monimoy Sir’s anatomy class. We met there. You were the first person i talked to just as i was the first person you talked to šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Honey: How? How exactly do you remember such details and such specific dates?

Bunny: oh…!!!! Birthdays and anniversaries and dates are very very very important to me.


Honey: BUT…..the only thing important to me is what will i eat next?

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