Wanna Turn Heads?

“Hey, I look GREAT…!!!!!!”, Kakoli di squealed with delight. The girl in front of a distant mirror gave me a knowing smile and I returned the smile.

I knew what it felt like for I have had such a moment of enlightment, not too long ago. Well a little over a year back. I was kind of forced into it just as I had forced Kakoli di into it.

As a popular brand goes, “there is a red for everyone”, my bestie Debrupa had tried on a red lipstick and the result was wow.

Prior to her, I had seen Tahoora and another close pal Sreemoyee sport red lips with panache. They looked jaw-dropping gorgeous.

I always felt shy of wearing it, thinking I wouldn’t do justice to it. All such feelings became a thing of past as soon as Debrupa forced a red lip colour into my hand.

“Now, you too wear it”, commanded Kakoli di handing me her new red lipstick. We had to click a selfie as soon as we were done with wearing it. After all it was her début red lips look.

Then she asked me for an apt caption. Taking a cue from all the attention we attracted at the mall, I came up with:

Wanna turn Heads?
Paint lips RED 😉

I was inducted into this Sisterhood of Red Lips and i too inducted someone. Thereby the red lips love saga continues.

Image Courtesy: Google



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