Being F.R.I.E.N.D.S

“It is pity that we didn’t know each other right from 1st sem. Earlier i used to consider …. as my closest but then better late than never”, i sent a text.
Prompt came the reply, “Good things take time to come in our life and trust me on that it’s usually in the last few years of studying in school or college when you get to know the true ones.”

I had talked to her right on the first day of my college, Aug 1, 2012 and we continued talking. But i remember having our real first conversation on 19th Oct, 2012. (Yes the Virgo in me is extremely particular about dates and to be honest, every damn thing). It was perhaps Panchami (5th day of Durga Puja) and several of us were supposed to meet up and go out for pandal hopping. But all the other girls were either late or had dropped out. As a result, she and i had a lot of time to bond.

During that time we learnt that we shared a lot more than just our surnames. Convent School, younger sister, dad’s profession, love for food, love for fashion, love for “ghurte jawa”, boys (yes that too had been a topic), love for English and Bangla alike, love for dancing among countless other things.

That was not all, we had our first college dance together, and that was even before we have had that life-changing conversation. At that time, it meant nothing. In fact, we had scolded the others for being late. But as i sat to write this, i wonder if that was when our equation began to change.

Another major change was when we decided to sit together and that was from the 1st day of 2nd sem. I guess it was 18th Jan, 2013. Expanding my tiny circle of 3 and accepting her and another girl and making it a gang of 5 did take a li’l time. But since we were like-minded, or so we thought, it wasn’t much difficult.

That was only 1st year. We recently completed 4 years of getting on each others nerves and being cool about it. Dancing, eating, outing, shopping, studying, learning, movies, series and countless other things have just made us really know each other.

With time we discovered how much we hated the same things and the same people. That in turn helped us bond better. I know you may smirk, but this is true, absolutely true.


31Our love for the series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is another thing that binds us. And to be true, we both share characteristics of all the characters. But asked specifically, i’d say she is more of a Rachelish Monica while i am more of a Phoebesque Monica.
Yes, being fashion litterate and a head turner is as natural as breathing to this Taurus. Apart from that she is smart and disciplined.
While being ultra-clean and particular about everything is my thing. Along with that, being eternally optimistic and being able to talk to people irrespective of time, place and person … well, that would definitely be me.

But the other characteristics which should not be over-looked are:
love for food and hatred of having to share : think Joey
having a thing for perfect words and perfect grammar : think Ross
making fun of every situation (but only in our heads and being sarcastic) : modified Chandler.

And if need be, we can very much be mean.


And be unapologetic.

Last but not the least, college life wouldn’t have been so much cooler had it not been for her. Yes, we did have our differences. We had hurt each other unknowingly but we always made sure that we made up and have so far never let an argument in the morning spoil our next late night gossip session.


As far as all the college friends are concerned, this is cent percent true.

Who is that, you ask?

Debrupa Sarkar, who else.

Image Courtesy: Google and F.R.I.E.N.D.S page on Facebook


4 thoughts on “Being F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  1. Your equations sure did match 😜😜😜 Dts y u are so close friends…..if I find bidisa di somewhere debrupa di should be somewhere really close😜😜😜😜


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