Tryst with Dhaniya Chicken

If you’re checking out food blogs, beware this isn’t one. But if you’re tired of sieving through recipes and want a break, then you’re welcome 😉

I was pouring through Ajoy Sir’s notes when mumma called me to her room and ordered, “cook something good tomorrow….something your sister has never had.”

I frowned and went back to my books. During dinner mumma asked, “have you decided what you’d cook or will you be surfing the net after dinner?” Only then i realized she was serious and so was my sister.

So after dinner, i started recipe hopping from site to site and blog to blog when the idea of Dhaniya Chicken struck me. As i searched up on this particular dish, i realized there is no one way of cooking it. One’s way definitely was different from the other. So i took bits and pieces of several blogs and combined them with my culinary knowledge and skills, and wrote up the recipe.

Next morning dad bought me all the required ingredients for my dish and i was all set.

Marination and preparing the masala was something i’ve always done myself and this time too it wasn’t any different.

Previously i have always cooked in the induction oven and this time it was my first tryst with fire :O

But surprisingly i aced it without burning my fingers or hands 😀

AND to top it all, the lunch elicited a “darun hoeche” from my hard to please dad and a “khoob bhalo hoeche” from my harder to please sister. Mum’s a real sweetheart. She would praise my cooking even if the salt was more or the food was half-burnt.

And i added another dish to personal recipe copy 😀

P.S. i wore a pair of kaala-chashma while cooking. Swag was just a add on but truth be told, the splattering oil scared me 😛

Image Courtesy: Google (because i felt too lazy too click a picture of my dish)


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