The sight of her has always been a treat to the eyes while what she offered was a treat to the soul (via stomach).

“Are you coming tomorrow?”, she asked.
“Definitely. I won’t miss Peds at any cost”, i replied.
“Oh cool, tomorrow i am treating; only my favorites are invited”, she confirmed with a smile; adding, “talking to you is a something i love. Fuss-free and refreshing, it is.”

Well, i love eating and so when a birthday invite came over, i lapped it up 😉
But what made my “dear diary moment” was her words. I love compliment and specially when they come unexpectedly and from someone who isn’t expecting a favor.

. The lady concerned is none other than my batch mate and fellow doctor in making, (and worth mentioning, fellow Virgoan) Suchi (well’s that’s what we call her).

Generous, glamorous, good-looking yet grounded this girl treated us to a supposed-to-have-been lunch but ended up becoming lunch+dinner treat of….well, i’d let your eyes feast on them 😉

Want to see who that Gorgeous would-be-doc is?
Here she is,
suchi (1).jpg
Isn’t she a beauty?
P.S. the lipstick she is sporting was a gift from me 😉
Yeah, i’m to be credited for it 😛

A few snaps of the day :

The GROUP that got treated.

Birthday Girl and her Bestie

The Birthday girl who the awesome photographer….yeah, the latter is the one behind all the gorgeous pictures of the day 😉

Thank You Suchi for the treat and for all the memories and more importantly, for the compliment the other day 😀
Happy Birthday, once again.



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