Group A Congregated

“Ae bhai, anek porikkha diechish, chol ei last ta diye kete pori”, said Aniruddha rather determinedly and walked into the Pediatrics ward. (Bro, you’ve given several tests; let us give this last one a shot before we part.)
“Oh even I was thinking the same”, echoed others adding, “let us not remind them of the test” and followed him.

What had transpired earlier to make my friend say that is totally another story and I promise to tell it some other day.

The clinics batch A was one of the best things to have happened to me during my M.B.B.S. course.

4th semester, when this group was formed, comprised individuals of various kinds. One wasn’t friendly with everyone. Unity was an alien concept. We never knew what was in store. 2nd Prof was our conditioning period.

Then came 3rd Prof. Part I. The honeymoon period of M.B.B.S. curriculum; I am not elaborating on that part.

Finally it was time for 3rd Prof. Part II – the period when I fell in love with Group A. Yeah I did use the phrase, “fall in love” because falling in love is nothing but falling in habit and accepting one completely with all the quirks and perks included.

Last clinical posting for Group-A Congregated was Pediatrics. Next to it, we do have specialty medicine (Neuro-Pulmo-Derma-Cardio). But we won’t be a congregated one anymore. We’ll be A1, A2, A3 and A4.

Adrita, one of my fellow Group-Aites had been chanting, “hey, it is our last day…be nostalgic.” We laughed her off.

We were focused on getting though our Pediatric ward clearance and then getting click-happy.

New friendships were formed and old ones were redefined. Taboo topics were discussed with ease and countless conversations were exchanged. One’s strengths and weaknesses were learnt off. Photos were circulated, gossips were passed on, and proxies were given.

Only when I started writing it, I realized 2 hours a day for 6 days a month for a li’l less than 3 complete years can do wonders:  to one’s knowledge, to one’s personality, to one’s friendships and to oneself.

I actually got very nostalgic. Wanted to write so much, but my mind is all haywire with the snippets of different things we said and did.

Much love to US.

P.S. we missed you Aritraa.

P.P.S. a few of the famed Group-Aites are missing from the snaps.

Now enjoy the snaps (few of the countless goofy and/or good ones) 😀

ankan_lessboysSpotted the difference, did you? 😉


We all make a pretty picture, don’t we? 😛


1-3-5 … literally …!

sarkar trio.jpg

The Sarkar Trio






After a lot of effort, she finally photo-bombed us..!


Cute enough to take your breath away but cool enough to give back 😉

Craziness Galore:


Of selfies and Toothy Grins:- (slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Image Courtesy: Phone cameras of Group-Aites


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