Bestie Gang

The last lecture just got over. All that is left is a vast ocean of exams……crossing which we, will be let into the hallowed portal of medical profession.

But this journey had been one of a kind. Many many friends and more frenemies. Yet like most, i too had my own clique.

It comprised 7 … including me. A group of folks i termed, bestie gang.

First Titasa, Bingshita and i were the only folks. Soon Debrupa and Aalia joined in. Within a jiffy, Samannay too had become a part of us; followed by Ashish, who completed us.

So on the last day of college, 10th September, 2016, we had a picture of our own clique taken and i let my poetic juices flow.

Not a very good one, i fear. Yet it is my feeble attempt at summarizing what all had transpired in the few years.

Here it is:

We started off with three-
Life was like a smoothie.
Then we turned five-
Life became a jive!
Joined in Sammy, making us a six-
And we’re no more a gang of only chicks!
Last addition made us a seven,
Odd though it is, life became even!!!
And the most important lesson was :
Don’t be fooled by the beatific smiles-
For they hide a countless guiles;
What i’ve learnt in the meanwhile,
Is that friendship, never goes out of style…!

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