Evolving Camaraderie

“So any comments?”, Pri typed and waited with bated breath as she saw her friend typing her reply.

After what seemed like ages, came Bee’s reply, “Being a part of something which has been in the town for a while and is known in the market is something cool and lucrative. But seeing something being born and nurtured and matured … is something else.”

Pri nodded and frowned. 

Priyalata, a 20-something from Mumbai and Binapani, a 20-something from Kolkata have known each other for about half-a-year, thanks to the online fashion magazine they both worked for. They had always been cordial to each other but had never taken the pains of getting to really know one another. Both their contact lists were full of “friends” and hence the addition of just another one wasn’t much of an issue. So far all things were going good with either going on about her own life and saying just a polite “hi” to one another at the weekly Skype conferences. They didn’t have to communicate much for work either.
For one, Priyalata was the Sindhi in the Marketing and PR division of the team while for the other, Binapani was that Bong who worked as the Assistant Editor.

Suddenly on a certain whim of their boss (a tough but considerate lady from Delhi), they had to collaborate for a certain project. They weren’t given off days either. So they were left without choice and would work late at night, reaching out to each other constantly through Facebook and Skype and mails.


Nobody can work sans break; and those two chatterboxes frequently digressed, talking about anything and everything under the Sun. Soon they discovered they were very much alike. One could relate to what the other said, often finishing her sentence with the perfect emoji.

They discussed food, movies, music, travelogues, family, clothes, kajal, lipstick, dance, social rights, feminism, alternate sexuality, the guys they dated, the guys they dumped, dreams and how they were working towards making the dreams reality. Within a very short while they became Pri and Bee, “coz their names were way too long.”

During one such late-night less-work/more-chat session, Bee confessed that she has always been a mommy-kind of girl. Bee has had been nurturing dreams of having one biological child and one adopted since her pre-teen times. She had even chosen the names of the children.

At this juncture, Pri announced, “your and my dreams are all same except that i don’t want children.”

“To each her own. But in case you ever feel broody, come over to my place and play with my kids and be the coolest aunt they’d ever have”, Bee replied in her chirpy non-judgmental way.

This response surprised Pri and pleasantly so, for this was the first time she didn’t have to follow up with a “why don’t you want kids” answer.

With time, the project got over. They both earned brownie points from the boss and were happy. The geography, the work pressure, the family, the friends didn’t let them bond as much as they did while doing the project. But the connection remained. Every now and then, if something exciting happened one told the other. If ever one anticipated something, the other was called up and asked to advise.

Then one evening, “gal, i’ve had told you i always wanted to open my own fashion consultancy firm. It is nothing big right now, just in concept stage and i’ve just started talking to the right persons”, texted Pri, adding, “i’d love my closest friends to be a part of it.”

She waited for a while expecting a reply from Bee but seeing none, she asked, “So any comments?”

After what seemed like ages, came Bee’s reply, “Being a part of something which has been in the town for a while and is known in the market is something cool and lucrative. But seeing something being born and nurtured and matured … is something else. There would be a lot of struggle and countless initial hiccups.”

Pri nodded and frowned, trying to understand what her Kumbh-ke-mele-mein-bichde-huya-judwa-behen said in that text when she realized, Bee was still typing.

“Oh she takes so long to reply to one simple question”, said Pri to herself and looked outside her window her a message beeped in. What met her eyes made her flash those pearlies and grin ear-to-ear,

“Lady, this is your baby and i promise to be the coolest aunt ever!”

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