All The Cars Slowed

She walked out of the shop, balancing the box in her left arm and the sling bag on her right shoulder while the right hand was busy taming the errant long wrapper skirt. It was pleasantly cool, thanks to the heavy afternoon shower. Only after she left home, had the weather become windy. The winds were rather playful and took turns at messing with her soft cascading brown tresses and her mustard skirt.
The cake shop was by the main road. Just as she stepped out of the store, all the cars slowed down and came to a stop. Without an exception, all the drivers and the passengers of the cars exercised their necks to have a look at her.

She in her mustard skirt and white shirt with open hair made a very pretty picture against the beautiful twilight sky.

She had always been a chunky kid. As an icing over the cake, she was diagnosed with PCOD during her mid-teens. It wasn’t easy to lose weight, much though she tried. With time, she grew and so did her determination. It wasn’t under peer pressure but she wanted to lose weight for her own self. So then started a tug of war between losing and gaining weight.

Kudos to her determination, she kept on fight and her weight kept losing. It was after a long time that she had been to the cake shop. It wasn’t that she didn’t have cheat days. She treated her friends’ birthday as cheat days and hence she didn’t treat herself personally.

This cake shop concerned was by her place and this shop had a huge full length mirror. Every time, she peeked into it, a chubby girl stared back. But when she went there today, a girl much slimmer than her earlier self smiled back at her. She was pleased with herself. She looked and felt beautiful. She bought the cake she wanted to buy: a big chocolate cake, had it packed and stepped out.

Only after she had satisfactorily quietened her skirt did she notice the traffic by her. She always believed she was the heroine of the movie of her own life. But today she really felt like one, specially of Hindi films kind; the beauty that possessed the power to halt the traffic. Her mind sang out, “ladki beautiful kar gayi chull…”

She couldn’t help but allow herself a goofy grin. She hadn’t completely gotten over gloating when “vroom….vroom…..!!!!” sounds broke her trance.

And then she realized, it wasn’t she but the red light which had stopped the traffic.


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