And she started laughing.

One’s BIRTHDAY is THE day one should be made to feel special. Today being my day (yeah, September 18….very very Virgo, you see 😛 ) my friends have had left no stone unturned to make my day as one of the most memorable ones. The songs, the poems, the calls and the heartfelt notes brought a surge of distant memories and long forgotten emotions.

12:00 a.m. and BANG….started pouring in all the love. Love in its various avatars.

I went to sleep at 4:00 a.m. and woke up at 6:30 a.m. Ecstatic to be the Birthday Princess after yet another year 😉 (trust me, i am obsessed with birthdays, specially my own….hence ecstatic can be the only adjective.)

There’s no point in being a Princess unless one gets to do whatever one wishes to do.

And, i wanted to make my family breakfast. My family comprises maa, baba and bon (Bangla for mom, dad and sis).

Nothing elaborate. It was a simple meal of cucumber-carrot sandwiches and eggs.

Excited about the breakfast my dear ones sat at their own place by the table. I served it.

Though the eggs looked yummy yet they were still apprehensive, because i had never made eggs before and i had categorically shooed away maa while i was in the kitchen.

One bite into it and they all started praising 😀

BUT then i solemnly nodded my head (for i can be much of a drama queen) and said in a serious voice (as serious as i could muster), “you ought to compliment the man who taught me to prepare such delicious eggs, Mr. Wilson Fisk”

“So where did you come across his method? Books, magazines, newspaper or youtube?”, enquiring about all the places i collected my recipes from.

“Mr. Wilson Fisk was no ordinary man. He was one the most feared and most powerful crime lords of New York”, replied i.

“Was? What happened to him? Where on Earth have you met him?”, maa demanded.

“Oh maa….he was the villain of Daredevil Season 1”, i said shrugging my shoulders.

And she started laughing.


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