His camera job is,
Superbly slick.

Inner beauty –
He exquisitely taps;
When he edits,
All his snaps.

Arms he them with,
Beautiful captions;
And liking is your,
Only option.

Dew and drops are,
His favourite mates.
His love for them,
He clearly states.

Witty and charming,
This favourite of mine –
Will make a great doctor,
In due time.

Today ain’t his birthday,
How does that matter?
He is one of my favorites
And hence i do flatter!

Witty he is, yeah –
He does disarm;
With nothing but his,
Candid charm.

He is one of my favourite people i have met during my M.B.B.S time. Prasit Biswas, a fellow doc-in-making (he is from NRS Medical College & Hospital while i’m from KPC Medical College & Hospital) and my favoritest click-to-grapher as i call him has been a friend since my 3rd semester. Playful, flirty and super committed to his woman, studies and photography, he is an inspiration to many. Clicking and editing are what he loves and does in his spare time. He surprises me with changing the colour of our chat window and hence i decided to surprise him with a poem where he is my muse 🙂

Featured image courtesy: Prasit Biswas

P.S. now enjoy some of his pictures 🙂









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