Debrupa, Debbie, Debsie

Debrupa, Debbie, Debsie –
All the names, I call thee..!!!
Love it or hate it,
You’re my favourite.
At class, gossip, outings and dance,
We have been together, perchance.
Poetry bug has bitten me bad,
Hope my lame post makes you glad.
Gorgeous-supportive bestie and guide,
You are a perfect maid to my bride.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S to GoT, we discuss all
Life with you is complete droll
Debrupa, Debie, Debsie –
loves you a lot, your Bidsie…!!!!

When the poetry bug bites you
then your bff becomes your muse 😛

Image Courtesy: Google


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