Piu-Dew Diaries

Once, Pagol Piu and Docile Dew,
Went to a church and sat on a pew.
Inside the church, they were praying –
Out stood a donkey who was braying.
They went out,
To clear all doubt.
Why was the beast yelping?
Perhaps they ought to be helping.
On inspection they did find,
On his leg, a large pin had bind.
They plucked it, cleaned and dressed the wound,
Thus leaving the donkey where they found.
Praying was good but helping was better,
Always, was taught God’s own letter.
Up and above, God did smile –
Earth was a good place, not entirely vile.

About 7 months back, i started trying my hand at writing poetry. Seeing that, my friend and batch mate Priyadarshini Bhattacharjee (from Calcutta National Medical College) had demanded me to write one on her.

So i wrote this one up 6 months back for her.

Suddenly i found this and have decided to put it up here.

P.S. i call her Piu while she calls me Dew.
P.P.S. “pagol” stands for crazy in Bangla. And yes, with friends, Piu is a acts much crazy.

N.B. this is fictitious though 😛

Image Courtesy: Google


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