My Eternal Valentine

2016 OCTOBER: that time of the year, every Bangalee waits for, eagerly.

Oct 5-
Sree: Did you colour your hair? Looks fab!
Me:    Unwillingly. The iron content of water is high 😦
Sree: Looks GREAT. Thanks!!!!!

bibsPhoto 1

Oct 6-
Sree: Oooo…..I love Sangria!
Me:    Next time, we’re going out for Sangria.
Sree: There’s no two ways for it.

debaPhoto 2

Oct 7-
Sree: I’ll be in town on Nabami!!!!
Sree: Yes baby, i’ll.

You must be wondering, why is this blog titled as it is and who on Earth is Sree. Well Sreemoyee or Sree (as most know her) is a girl i know since my senior school days, who went on to become “my girl” after school got over 🙂
I stay in Kolkata while she toils in Dubai. Our schedules never match and we hardly meet up; last time being Feb 2015.
Skype and Facebook are great but the personal warmth we both miss.

And as far as the title is concerned, an Aquarian, her birthday is on February 14. So whatever my dating status  is, this day always is very special and if my sweetheart (you just cannot help but love this woman) is in town, i’d rather spend the day with her 😀

So i was excited at the prospect of seeing Sree after ages. Durga Puja is when Devi Durga visits home.
And my friend too was visiting home during the same time.
I had my share of fun with other friends and cancelled on some because Nabami (9th day of the festival was reserved for the lady who dropped the bomb on the 6th day of the festival).

Photo 3

Excited and nervous i woke up early on October 10. Nervous because Sree always, i repeat, always looks fabulous. So i dressed as well as i could without over-doing it and left for Quest Mall.

Upon walking through the revolving glass door, i got a call asking me to turn back and then look up.

Oh MY Gawd (please read in Janice’s voice, think F.R.I.E.N.D.S). There she was looking royal in her stitched beige kurti with golden embroidery. Red streaked hair done in ombre just looked fantastic.

I wasn’t done with drinking in the beautiful sight that greeted me when she came over and hugged me real tight.

Giggling over Faiita and getting tipsy on Sangria, we walked across the 4th floor of the mall when i bumped over Namrata, another one from my school. She was the one with whom i went pandal hopping in my first year. This was my final year and we met again.

Surprisingly, both these ladies have always worn western and they looked a tad too good in eastern. It was as new to them as it was to me. It was so surprisingly that Namrata and Sreemoyee actually didn’t even see each other while at school but were my friends even at school. I questioned how could that be to which Namrata said, “you’ve always been a social butterfly.”

After that Sree dragged me to her place where we had another few hours of happy times and clicking pictures.

Today is Dashami, the day when Maa Durga returns to her husband’s place and my friend too left for Dubai.

Pujo is always good and it had been made great with my old friend’s presence.

kazPhoto 4

Shokkol ke janai Subho Bijaya. Gurujon-der pronaam and chotoder bhalobasha.

Subho Bijaya.


Photo credits:

Photo 1: Bibaswan Chakrabarty (doc-in-making and my immediate junior from KPC Medical College & Hospital, Jadavpur)

Photo 2: Debaditya Saha (doc-in-making and my batch mate from Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata)

Photo 3: Soham Sinha (doc-in-making and 2 years my junior from KPC Medical College & Hospital, Jadavpur)

Photo 4: Kaushiki Hajra (doc-in-making and my immediate junior from KPC Medical College & Hospital, Jadavpur)

P.S. Thank you guys for clicking such amazing photos and posting them on Facebook. I didn’t have to search Google for it 😉
I love you all.


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