Bitten by Poetry Bug

When i was a kid, i’d sit with my Amma (paternal grandma) and watch Bangla serials. Almost everywhere it showed that every family had one poet and everyone went out of their to avoid that person.

When i was 13 years old, my English teacher had asked me to try bits of poetry and i had said, “Miss i cannot.”

For years i thought i couldn’t until i was forced to try and i saw that i could.

Since then i had been trying my hand at putting words to certain pictures or thoughts.

Pujo had made people go out and click pictures, and then post them on social media.

Here’s a few i had penned for some of my favourite people :


Muse: Sayanha Biswas (she flaunted a beautiful royal blue saree and a happy smile)
There she is,
That lady in blue,
Her smiles paints the town
in warm and bright hues!

Muse: Prasit Biswas (he sat looking good in a navy blue T-shirt against a red wall)
Love the contrast,
Blue against red –
Looking good, you are;
That’s what i said.

Muse: Neerajita Bhattacharya (pink salwar kameez and she owned it)
Oh my pretty lady,
Oh my love,
you make my heart,
Coo like a dove πŸ˜‰

Muse: Ranajit Chakrabarty (smiling happily into the camera with his other half by him)
Of Bright Smiles –
And Happy Nights;
When She’s Around,
Life is a Delight.

Muse: Samannay Chakraborty (trust me, he has the cutest smile you’d ever come across)
Arrey, your smile is so cute!
Countless hearts did it loot –
Am not exaggerating,
Hence do not refute πŸ˜€

Muse: Debrupa Sarkar (carrying the jeans on jeans look with panache)
Carry thou well,
Jeans on jeans;
Enough is enough –
Now eat your greens πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Photo Credits: Prasit Biswas (M.B.B.S. batch mate from NRS Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata)


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