The End

“I love your photography. Every image you capture tells tales”, I have had told him.

But guess what, a certain frame he had had frozen actually put an end to a tale. A tale I wanted to end, but it showed no signs/symptoms of ending.

Do I see creases on your forehead? Well, don’t think and just read 😉


This guy was my ex –
Who would often vex!

Discussing problems of his own,
On Skype he would simply groan.

“I am not interested”, I did hint –
Reduce his pings, it didn’t.

Without a warning I changed my dp,
At once he became a regular absentee!

It was a photo,
Featuring us two –
His bubbling enthusiasm,
It did shoo!

P.S. This is dedicated to my batch mate from Medical College Kolkata and an amazing photographer, Debaditya Saha.

Tomorrow is not only his birthday but also his Surgery theory exam.

And i wanted to wish him before birthday special greetings flooded him 😉

Happy Birthday Deba 😀

Image Courtesy: Google


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