Spreading Happiness

Late Night
May 1, 2016
Me : Pehli kamai mubarak ho!
She: See me, your treat is pending.

Late Night
Nov 24, 2016
She: Thanks for coming. You are one beautiful person.
Me : This text actually ended my awesome day on an even more awesome note.

“She” is my immediate senior from my college, KPC Medical College & Hospital. Now an intern, Dr. Sunita Som and i had known each other for a very long time but did not really know each other until the previous evening.

I had called her up on May 2 as she had instructed me to yet she wasn’t well. Hence the treat got cancelled or so i thought.

Months later, she messaged asking me to ping her once i am done with exams for “the treat which has been pending.” I had replied, “i thought you’d forgotten” and since i wasn’t close to her, i felt shy of reminding her.
She shot back, “nopes, didn’t forget.”

As per our plan i visited her room last evening. I had no gut feeling of what it would be like and had not put much thought either.

I have had struck friendship with random strangers and i have always been a social person.

Yet this was one of a kind because i had known of her for a long time and spending quality time was not an luck-by-chance but a deliberate decision.

I love telling tales as much as listening to them.

And this young doctor is a treasure house of tales. Her childhood, her school, her internship … every aspect is fraught with stories. Stories that are amusing.

Yes the treat was delayed yet a good experience, i did have.

An eternally happy person she is, she loves spreading happiness wherever she goes.

I am one of the recent casualties of her effervescent personality.

P.S. Of countless things she said, this is a personal favorite:

“Dating is NOT important; but having a CRUSH is of utmost importance”
– Dr. Sunita Som

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