DOOL 4.2

As the day (Pujo 2016: Shoshthi) merged into the evening, my day just got better.

Check out :

Pretty much out of the blue, Prasit (yeah, that very awesome Click-to-grapher).

He was touring near my home with his girl Sayanha and wanted me to meet them.

I was in the Northern part of City and on usual days, i’d reach my place in about 30-35 mins. But it wasn’t usual times, it was Pujo times.

It took me nearly 2 hours to reach my part of the city where the love birds were waiting, for me 😀

Doesn’t it make you feel special when someone waits and waits only for you to meet them? 😀

Finally i reached where they were – dashing Prasit and his glowing Sayanha (once i asked Prasit, “how is Sayanha?”; “glowing as usual”, he had replied.)

My day started with biryani (because all other places were too far or too crowded) and my day ended with biryani (because Prasit loves it.)drinksbiryani

OH…we had cocktails too 😀
coz i love them!

The evening passed merrily with food and gossips and drinks in tow.


It ended on happy note with promises to keep in touch and more dinner dates as such 😀

Image courtesy: Prasit (who else)


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