To Aritraa, With Love

Why this cake?
Is that what you wonder?
This is deliberate,
Definitely not a blunder!

Legends are born in November –
I believe it to be be true;
If one doesn’t agree,
One has gotta meet you!

Giggly girl to responsible doc –
Multiple avatars, of you i’ve seen;
Don’t give auntie a headache and,
Please eat your greens!!!

The cup cake is sweet,
And so are you;
Have a happy day girlie –
Happy Birthday to you!!!

November 9 is her birthday. Who else but Aritraa? One of my favourite girl friends from KPCMCH. She is one who never fails to liven up a room with her mere presence!
That charming she is, one of my favourite Scorpion ladies 😀

This time, it would be perhaps the first time when i’d not be seeing her in her special day. Less than 2 hours before Cinderella hour strikes and wishes start pouring in, i penned this piece at the spur of the moment!

Much love sweet heart 😀

Image Courtesy: Google


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