Their “lived happily ever after” STARTED

There was i, sitting on the bed with my make-up kit, deciding on what to wear. Dress-accessories-hair checked; but i couldn’t decide which shade of red lipstick to go for, and which shade of golden eye shadow to wear.
Don’t laugh … these are very important issues and need to be dealt with, rather seriously.

At that very moment, my phone buzzed. I checked it to find Aritraa’s text grinning, “come by 7:00 pm…we’ll all be there by then.”

I smiled and thought of Ashita. I was transported to how I met Ashita. She and I belong to the same dissection batch of anatomy is 1st year of college. Being me, I was fairly on talking terms with everyone. But this girl caught my special attention because of her food.

Yes, you read it right. She had brought dosa and chicken kabab to college and, that had my caught curiosity. It was interesting enough to be a conversation starter; what followed was a more interesting story. Uncle, a Malayali Christian and Auntie, a Punjabi – had met and fallen in love and the rest as they say, is a history. Being incurably romantic, I was fascinated.

I always wanted to attend a Christian wedding and also a cross-cultural wedding.

Why did I mention even Ashita? She is still a student, right? Given that she is my batch mate.

Well, it was her elder sister, Nikita’s wedding. And as I have always believed, God indeed works his magic through miraculous ways.

I was in first year when Ashita had told me her sister going abroad for M.Phil in psychology and as God would have it she found happiness – professionally and personally, there. Not only that, but also He made my wish of attending a Christian wedding and a cross-cultural wedding (fused into one, no less) come true 😀

Nikita didi met Kris jiju (who is a “poster boy for all things Welsh” as we’re told) in a way which is no less “awwww-some” I’d like to believe.

They found love and they tied the knot.

Meet this couple :
Gorgeous Niki didi and Cute Kris jiju. Doesn’t he look extra cute in that white kurta?

Pre-wedding rituals

Wedding Swag!

Ready for the cocktail bash

First Dance

The Fairytale-like Wedding pictures cometh:
Bridesmaids, pretty aren’t they?

vowsExchanging rings and vows 😀

Picture Perfect!

indian-wear-coupleSoon they changed into the traditional Indian attire for the rest of the ceremony. Resplendent she looks and he is no less dashing!


Guests at the wedding had a memorable time 🙂

The newly-married couple sharing a happy moment :


And, now you may kiss the bride.


With that, their “lived happily ever after” STARTED.

Photo credits: Ashita Kuruvilla and Sumedha Bhttacharjee (my batch mates and friends from KPCMCH)


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