The Pursuit Of Happyness

There was i, walking without a definite purpose, gloomy and grumpy. Of course the purpose was to reach home.

But what would i do by reaching home early?

“I am done with Grand Theft Auto 5! I am yet to get hold of another game. Why did the PM need to demonetize 500 and 1000 Rupees notes at this very moment, when i had saved just the very amount i needed to buy the watch i had been longing for? My purpose of leaving home has not been fulfilled. Now i need to wait until the banks re-open and then get the cash exchanged and only then…”, a cackle broke my chain my of thoughts.

The sound did nothing to sooth my nerves. On the contrary it added to my ire. I turned in the direction of the “noise”.

There was heap of rubbish, at a certain corner, below the bridge. A few women, some bent with age and some with purpose stood by it, chatting and picking rags at leisure.

But there was this little girl who clapped away to happiness. She was singing an unknown rather tuneless song and she was clapping as her tiny feet went hoppity skippity hop. The anklets adorning her feet lent a characteristic music to the song-n-dance.

Her happiness seemed to sprout out and embrace her little red dress which hung loose over her emaciated frame. The hem of the dress, the sleeves and her unkempt hair danced in perfect co-ordination.

There was drudgery and dirt around her yet she was happy being on her own. She needed no material to escape her sense of boredom.

The noise which initially annoyed me, later became the most happy memory of the day.

As i walked on, i couldn’t help but wonder, when did i grow up so much that i lost my creativity? Didn’t i play games for hours, games which i invented? Games where i was pirate and i was the police at the same time? Did i really need the watch? How happy will it make me? How long will it keep me satisfied? It wouldn’t be long when i’d “need” another bauble to make me happy. When did i grow up? Why did this happen?

These thoughts were playing in my head and i was laughing out loud at the memories of the invented games. I attracted several raised brows but i was beyond caring.

A stray ball hit me hard on the left knee, wiping off the mindless grin on my face. Picking it up i looked up to find a young face staring at me with anticipation.

My first instinct was to give a sound scolding. But a momentary reflection changed it all.

“I would give you the ball only if you allow me to play”, said i with a very serious expression.

The scared face at once changed and asked me rather excitedly, “will you really play with us? We are one player short!”

Title credits: A Movie by the same Name

Picture credits: Debaditya Saha (my batch mate and fellow doc-in-making from Medical College, Kolkata)

Children’s Day Special


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