Sumu’s b’day!

I have a girlfriend,
Her name is Sumedha.
Her hair looks so beautiful – as if,
She just walked out of a spa!

Sweetness personified, she is –
And very very pretty!
Childish you may find her, as if
She was all of three!!!

Pink, pink, pink,
And some more pink!
Doesn’t she get over bored?
You would think.

Favourite gal pal,
She is, one of mine,
Toast to her bright future
With a flute of wine!

Happy Birthday Sumu
Aalingan o Chumu!


P.S. it was written for her birthday! It was on Dec 2, 2016.


Author: bidisa

am a happy go lucky girl who loves to day dream and often reflects upon the past, be it recent past or remote past. i love being me; sometimes i may not be proud of my actions or words but i am really ok with being ME. Reading and penning down my thoughts are just two of my several hobbies.

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