Pakhiraloy Colony – I

Brothers by blood,

Those Indian mynahs were –

They fought loved and partied hard,

With pomp and cheer.


Pakhiraloy Colony –

They called home!

They lived on the large tree,

Beside the dome.


Hawdee was the eldest,

Businessman, friendly and kind –

But display of emotions

Never made him blind.


The second was Brer,

A thorough gentleman.

He helped Hawdee in his deelings,

Of rice and bran.


Dave was the youngest;

Different from the rest,

He chirped and pranced,

Full of zest.



… to be continued.

Image Courtesy: Debaditya Saha (Medical College Kolkata, batch:2012)


Author: bidisa

am a happy go lucky girl who loves to day dream and often reflects upon the past, be it recent past or remote past. i love being me; sometimes i may not be proud of my actions or words but i am really ok with being ME. Reading and penning down my thoughts are just two of my several hobbies.

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