Pakhiraloy Colony – II

Continued from part I. The link to part I

Dave thought business was

Nothing but a bore –

Music was his drug and

Made his spirits soar.

Hawdee and Brer left

No stone unturned –

But all their efforts were,

Right away spurned.

They wanted Dave to join their trade

Oh stubborn Dave, couldn’t be swayed!

This was reason why

the trio fought,

Their once happy family –

With tension was fraught.

They had a shady neighbour –

The very crooked Damon,

He hated happiness and was happy,

When the cold war began.

Damon instigated Dave against

His own elder brothers,

Saying they cared only for money and

About him they didn’t bother.

Innocent gullible Dave,

Took Damon’s words to heart,

Distancing himself from Hawdee

And Brer, he did start.

….continued to part III

Image Courtesy: Debaditya Saha (Medical College Kolkata, batch-2012.)


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