Pakhiraloy Colony – III

Continued from parts I and II. The links are –



Their once colourful lives

Had become drab –

As if their happiness had

Run off in a cab!

Dave spent more time

Away from home,

Here, there, everywhere –

He would roam.

Their family drama

Garnered helluva gossip,

Dave, Brer and Hawdee were

On everyone’s lips.

But only Hedwig was,

The truly wise one –

She paid attention to facts,

Gossips, she always shun.

She called upon Dave,

And fed him cakes –

Talked like an adult and

Asked for his takes.

Dave blurted his version –

Unabridged and complete;

Hedwig heard out Dave with

Attention and more sweets.

Then she pointed out the follies

Of young gullible Dave,

She also told of Damon,

The old crooked knave.

Dave at once flew off

To his brothers’ work place –

Without any hesitation he took them

In a tight embrace.

Words, tears and love

Flowed so freely,

Whoever thought they wouldn’t reconcile  –

Was a real silly.

Photo credits: Debaditya Saha (Medical College, Kolkata; batch:2012)

~the end~


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