Random Thought : 1

Only last night i had updated my profile picture on facebook. One of my closest girl friends commented, “You are so beautiful”

She happens to be one of the most gorgeous women i know and love. My first instinct was to reply, “not more than you though!”

Exactly at that moment i had an epiphany. My reply was nothing more than an innocuous statement. But if you take a closer look, wasn’t there a hint of competition? Unknowingly? Yes. Sub-consciously? Yes. But there was a sense of competition.

At the next moment, i recalled something i had had read ages back. I don’t remember the exact words, but the idea was such:

Take a look at this flower. Isn’t it beautiful? Now look at that flower. Isn’t that beautiful too? See countless beauties can co-exist simultaneously, without any sense of competition, without any row. 

So i edited my reply to a “Thank you” along with emojis (those emojis reserved only for a few though :P). Because to be honest, there is no competition between us. And i happen to be one of those who have lots of women friends and revel in those friendships. Those bonds are what i consider my strength and my support. They would diminish once sense of competition develops.

A few days back a popular beauty brand was asking all women, what beautiful promise they would like to make; i had no answer then. But now i do. I promise never to compare one’s beauty to another’s. All are beautiful in their unique way.

Image Courtesy: Prasit Biswas (NRS Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata; batch 2012)


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